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About Me.

Maddie Thomas

A mixed media artist from Northern Virginia. Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Arts with a focus in painting from Shepherd University. 

Through years of experimentation with different mediums of art such as painting, pottery, and digital graphics, Ms. Thomas developed her own style of mixed media art that encapsulates her desire to incorporate color, texture, and dimension into her paintings.

Ms. Thomas takes inspiration for her art from travel, portraiture, and design work. The use of portraiture identifies self and she challenge’s her audience to look at her work and identify different aspects of her life that are relatable. Her art is meant to be enjoyed aesthetically while providing insight into thoughts that are most important to her, almost like a journal. The idea that a painting is developed from a process of many different layers is what Ms. Thomas likes best about her style, calling it an artistic challenge. 

As Ms. Thomas plans to travel after school, she hopes to continue to create works that visualizes great cities and portrays her thoughts artistically. Ms. Thomas finds it difficult to ever call her pieces complete just as her journey is never fully complete.

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Shepherd University

Batchelor degree in Fine Arts, Concentration in Painting. 

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